the C.R.E.W.™ - Chad Finlay
Chad Finlay, MPP/MAT
Director of Grants

During the halcyon days of the internet stock bubble of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, Chad managed to survive trading IPO stocks before founding an internet start-up company (no, it wasn't Facebook). But before he could subject the world to an even uglier version of Myspace, he found his passion working in the nonprofit sector. Previous to MHM, as a capacity-builder and expert in nonprofit management, Chad’s work centered around program design, partnerships and collaborations, education and policy issues (with School Districts), performance metrics and analysis, client development, project management, and quality improvement. Further, as a program officer for a national foundation, Chads expertise served in writing foundation grants and capacity building. Within Chad’s extensive background in development and communications that was honed at the Art Center College of Design where he helped raise $75 million. Chad holds two masters degrees, including a Master of Public Policy from UCLA, where he won several awards for his work and gained an expertise in education policy, nonprofits, and nonprofit management. Chad can often be found in his foldable, "origami" kayak or consuming large quantities of bacon and bacon-derived products, while contemplating how he can create the next internet sensation. This new sensation ‘of course’ will be MHM’s next platform for garnering millions and millions through grants for ‘service agencies’ across the entire country.
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