the C.R.E.W.™ - Jovi Hernandez
Jovi Hernandez, BA
Researcher, Compiler, Writer

Jovi is a graduate from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Sociology and Women Studies. Jovi utilizes her studies and knowledge on growing and expanding businesses (garnered from assisting her parents who own and operate a successful Restaurant in Southern California) to serve MHM in building and expanding service agencies. Jovi’s is extremely skilled as a researcher and development of theories and data to support program needs. These skills are instrumental in MHM identifying grants soon after release that gives MHM's C.R.E.W.™ additional time (sometimes additional weeks) to prepare quality grant proposals for submittal and in building quality justifications for program models being considered. Jovi joined M.H.M. & Associates to further her pursuit and passion to create lasting change within the local, underserved communities and to be a part of a high-energy team that works extremely well together. When not with the MHM C.R.E.W.™, Jovi spends time with family, friends, and within a very close-knit community where everyone knows 'Jovi' as the enthusiastically pleasant neighborhood kid on the rise to creating change while building hope. When grants are funded you can readily see Jovi enthusiastically ringing the “Captain’s Bell” with as much vigor and excitement that clients experience upon their notification of the same. Some people may assume that she rings the bell to celebrate another grant award, but those that know her well know that she does it simply to remind and motivate the C.R.E.W.™ that we have one more down, and thousands more to go!!!
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