the C.R.E.W.™ - Kim Kirner
Kim Kirner, Ph.D.
Senior Grant Writer and Evaluator

Kimberly, an inter/faith enthusiast and a committed horse trainer, is constantly on the speaker’s circuit promoting cultural diversity, personal development, grassroots solutions to social problems and believe it or not: World Peace. Kimberly’s passion as a social scientist serves in moving beyond the rhetoric to firmly establish an understanding of culture that greatly contributes to the personal and global growth of people and our nation. To this end, Kimberly pursued her doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology and began her grant writing career with the University of California, Riverside in 2002. Later Kimberly was able to develop her skills at a different firm as a Grant Specialist- focusing primarily on city and government grants. In 2009, Kimberly joined M.H.M. & Associates’ team of professionals as a Senior Grant Writer and has been instrumental in the various grant development educational platforms used by MHM in creating grants and offered via MHM’s website for its Premier, Cluster and Member Clients.
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