the C.R.E.W.™ - Kyle Knight
Kyle Knight, AA
Vice President of Operations

Kyle joins the team of M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise Inc. (MHM) primarily due to his smile and his ever-present optimistic attitude that everyone can be assisted if we only try, do, and give our best. An adamant lover of music, Kyle will often be seen running the sound board at his church or visiting the sound technician at various concerts and events. Kyle has a passion for and over 20 years experience in public speaking and marketing. As a branch manager for various financial and banking institutions, Kyle continuously met and exceeded specified goals and expectations at multiple levels. After joining MHM in 2005, Kyle often conveys that one of his most engaging experiences was his participation at the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) annual conference. Outside of the fact that Kyle was outnumbered at this conference with 100 female executives to every 1 male, one can only suspect that the real reason that this engagement ranks as one of his top marketing endeavors was the level of exposure MHM received after attending this event.

Kyle’s ability to create opportunities by being an “out-of-the-box” thinker is unparalleled and promotes MHM’s capacity to reach diverse agencies through various aspects of its services. Kyle is a skillful leader with outstanding expertise in team building, community organizing, and project growth and expansion. Kyle has also been instrumental in the development of programs and marketing plans necessary for engaging MHM’s Premier, Cluster and Member clients to receive assistance from MHM.
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