the C.R.E.W.™ - Luvina Beckley Knight
Luvina Beckley-Knight, MHSA
Chief Executive Officer

Perhaps the number one attribute to Luvina’s success in her endeavors is her commitment to achieving the highest possible advantage for others. This zeal has served Luvina as an athlete, as her commitment helped her teams make it to multiple NCAA championship games; and as a coach, when she coached a team to the NCAA national championship. This attribute also serves Luvina in personal journeys that have included hiking Mt Shasta, running the LA Marathon, participating on a Community Revitalization Project (by invitation of U.S. Congressional Representative), starting an Exercise and Fitness Company, and in building M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise Inc. (MHM) into one of the premier grant writing firms in the western region of the U.S.

Upon completing her BA in Business Finance in June of 1994, Luvina began Pursuit of Purpose, Inc. (the Parent Company for MHM), a manifestation of her college developed business plan that propels individuals into experiencing their highest possible purpose in life. This has become Luvina’s life-long mission and purpose, as demonstrated by the resources she commits daily to this endeavor and the number of people that she and her firm: MHM have assisted in reaching their highest advantage in serving others. To this cause, over $40 million in grant funds have been allocated resulting from Luvina’s service as CEO of MHM. In 2001, Luvina completed her MS in Health Services Administration and began her certification as a Project Manager (PMP) and Community Developer (PCED).

Fortunately, those who associate with Luvina know that nothing, not even the political climate, economic downturns, or complexity and gravity of grants and their requirements deters her from ensuring grants submitted by MHM receive the highest possible consideration for funding. This level of commitment is possible as Luvina continues to build MHM by engaging good people who happen to be great grant writing professionals. Standing firm in her belief that present and future success can only be subjugated by limited access to ‘resources and opportunities’, Luvina’s most common prayer is that MHM continues to serve as a conduit for people to have access to both!
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