National Resource Development Council for Local Governments
Creating and Adopting Evidence-Based Logic Models and
Universal Evaluation Standards for e3p3 Model Cities

e3p3 Cluster & Premier Clients
- are engaged to support e3p3 select areas and cities with needed programs. The agencies selected are capable of carrying out program services that are strongly aligned with forwarding the NRDC-LG’s mission of ‘Making American Prosperity and Healthy Living Inclusive’. Select ‘Clusters’ support and empower area residents using best practices and proven methodologies that will impact area residents experience beneficial preventative and systemic platforms that make prosperous and healthy living possible. Expert and well qualified agencies will be empowered by e3p3 Solution Teams using the same approach that has proven effective for e3p3 Model Cities.

The primary beneficiary are residents that reside in NRDC-LG targeted cities whose demographics show disparities among area residents as it relates to inequities fueled by environmental, economic, and equity factors. Key populations targeted include school-aged children (k-8), veterans, boys and young men of color, and children and families with low literacy, financial, and resiliency education and skills. Clusters, supported be local government, will fuel a minimum of three direct service programs in each e3p3 focus area that accelerates targeted outcomes.
National Resource Development Council for Local Governments
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