the C.R.E.W.™ - Tammie L. Watson
Tammie L. Watson, M.B.A.
Grant Administrator

Tammie joins the team of MHM & Associates Enterprise, Inc. due to her ability to quickly build relationships and trust. As a Personal & Professional Life Coach and Consultant she has years of experience mentoring, coaching, and empowering those that have desired her assistance. As a team member, staff often experience her days of serving as the point guard for NCAA Division I and II Women Basketball teams, as she directs and calls the shots among C.R.E.W.™ members with ease. Tammie's gift is in organizing and promoting clarity among clients and writers when merging ideas from funders, clients and writers all come together. Tammie’s expertise in serving companies, groups, and individuals committed to developing and growing professionally, personally, and financially is a very valuable asset to MHM. "Tammie’s ability to work with our clients in transforming their dream into a clear thought out plan, while discovering their intangible assets that will make them great is an ability the keeps MHM ahead of the game".
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